• I have been dreaming of a new place for relevant education.


    Now I'm building it myself.


    Shortly after graduating, I started working in Dutch higher education as researcher, lecturer, and coordinator for co-design related projects and programs. Now, over 6 years later, I've decided to start my own academy; Fundamentals Academy. From there, I'm fully engaged in higher and professional education. It aims to inspire traditional educational systems and offer crisp new programs equipped to develop the professionals we so desperately need.


    The future professionals need to challenge and solve tomorrow's issues. Therefor I'm glad to be working with teams that develop more engaging educational programs, where we include professionals as tutors and corporate partners as clients, to help students better understand the world we're preparing them for. Both within existing educational organisations, and in crisp new ones, I'm developing engaging programs aiming to really make a difference.


    This is what I am today: a designer of future professionals.

  • What I do

    Engaging design programs are promised everywhere, however they have proven to be very difficult to execute.

    It must be nurtured and needs love and care throughout the process.


    I gather professional teams that, together, support and inspire students to flourish. I hand-pick my design coaches, life coaches, experts, clients, and supporting staff to offer a team that can be trusted with the lingering student's potential.


    I introduce the students to my team of professionals, and inspire them to be in control of the program and become owner of projects and opportunities. With a strong focus on group dynamics and personal and professional growth, we do everything within our reach to make the most of the time we are honoured to have with students in our programs.


  • Contact me

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    Or do you want to join in on one of my activities?


    Feel free to contact me.